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For those who wear and rely on hearing aids, they become almost like a part of you. After months or even years of use, you come to feel an attachment and a connection with your hearing aids. It’s no wonder that having one damaged or broken can be a heartbreaking experience.

So, what should you do if this happens to you? Here, we look at the case for hearing aid repair over replacement – and why it’s only an option some of the time.

Can We Fix It?

The problems with opting for repair over replacement is that it isn’t always the most practical option. Sometimes, devices are too damaged to be repaired. When the outer casing of a hearing aid is smashed or the inner mechanisms of the device are compromised, this can create damage that is beyond repair.

Likewise, even when possible, sometimes repair is far more expensive than total replacement. Costly restoration or replacement of specific parts that may be difficult to secure – especially if a model has been discontinued or is no longer widely available – may create an expensive proposition for both the owner and the repair professional. In these cases, it may be better to invest in new technology.

Yes, We Can!

The good news is, many situations do allow for hearing aids to be repairs or restored. When the overall device is still in good enough shape to be used, parts can be replaced or restored to working order and the device itself repaired. This allows wearers to keep their own familiar, comfortable hearing aid that they have a connection with and a fondness for – all while still enjoying the benefits of a working device!

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