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Most homeowners never stop to think about the condition of their roof until there is a problem. Recognizing the early signs of problems with the roof allows time to find the right residential roofing contractor in Minneapolis to handle the job.

Recognizing the First Signs of Trouble

Knowing the early signs of roofing issues can save you money. Detecting potential problems before water damage becomes a factor in roof decking or throughout the home helps to dramatically reduce the cost of repairs.

Key indicators a homeowner should look for and discuss with their residential roofing contractor in Minneapolis include:

  • Bare shingles – over time, the granular coating on shingles detaches from the surface. These granules often collect under the downspout drains for the gutter systems and look like coarse colored sand. Once a significant amount of the material has come off the shingles, they look bare and shiny on the roof.
  • Curling shingles – older shingles can curl up at the edges, creating a cup-like profile when viewed from the ground. These shingles are more easily damaged in wind and weather and often allow water up and under the shingle.
  • Missing shingles – after wind, hail, or heavy rain, check for any missing shingles. It is important to quickly replace missing shingles to avoid roof damage.

Working with a trusted residential roofing contractor in Minneapolis is the best option for any homeowner. Finding a trusted roofing contractor should be a priority if any early signs of potential problems with the roof are detected.