What Is Pressure Washing?

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Construction Company

Pressure washing is a process where water and detergent is mixed and placed under pressure; the method is used to clean various types of surfaces. Pressure washing in Tacoma WA is used for many things including washing walls, driveways, decks, patios, fences and many other places around the home and business.

A steady stream of water and detergent is sprayed at a considerably higher pressure than could ever be obtained through a typical garden hose. The integrated pump in the pressure washer allows the operator to select a pressure level that is suitable for the task at hand. If the task is simply to wash accumulated dust and dirt from a surface, this can be accomplished with a lower pressure than if the task is to eliminate ground in dirt and grime; for this a high pressure must be used.

Not all pressure washing in Tacoma WA requires hot water; as a result there are machines available that do not contain a heating element. In many cases cold water is sufficient to clean the target surface, there really is no need for hot water when the job is to clean siding on a house, decks and similar surfaces. Hot water is a must when the objective is deep cleaning so when purchasing a pressure washer the customer is advised to consider the jobs that will be done, is hot water a necessity or not?

There are different types of detergents and cleaning agents that can be used in a pressure washer. There are detergents which are ideal for removing grease and oil while other cleansers are general purpose and are best suited for normal dirt and grime. Depending on the task, the operator will select the appropriate cleanser.

Pressure washers are available in a wide range of prices but unless there is an ongoing need many homeowners do not see purchasing a pressure washer as a good investment. There are machines available for rent and there are companies that offer the complete service on demand. When the washer is either rented or the service is purchased there is no need to invest in a machine nor do you have to dedicate space to store it. A further benefit is that should the pressure washer require repairs, the problem is someone else’s.

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