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The roof is one of the most crucial parts to your home. Most roofs will last at least 10 years. Around this time, they will probably require some repairs. Here are some signs you need roofing repair.

1. Leaks in the roof

We put roofs on our homes to keep weather outside. Unfortunately, our roofs don’t always do the job perfectly. One of the biggest signs you need repair is when the roof leaks. You should check after every heavy rainfall to ensure that your roof is holding up. If you do have a leak, call your local roofing contractor for residential roofing services in Longview, WA, immediately. If you don’t get it repaired as soon as possible, the leak will only get bigger.

2. Disformed/Broken Shingles

With time, some of the shingles on your roof may break or become deformed. When you see them starting to curl up at the edges, it’s time to get some repairs. If you can, get on the roof about once a year to check on the state of the shingles.

3. Trauma

There are times when a tree might fall onto your roof and cause some serious trauma. You obviously need to call for residential roofing services in Longview, WA, to get this taken care of.

The longer you put off roofing repairs, the worse the situation will get. To prolong the life of your roof, get the necessary repairs. Call Chehalis Sheet Metal in Longview, WA, to get a consultation on your roof. Don’t forget to talk to them about whether you should repair or replace.