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Homeowners seeking residential window tinting in Ogden, UT, will find that they can provide you with many wonderful benefits. Today’s modern window tinting methods allow you to enjoy these benefits without ruining the aesthetics of your home. Tinted windows look great from both the inside and exterior of your house.

UV Protection

Tinting your home’s windows reduces your risk of skin-related health problems associated with the sun’s UV rays, but you will still get to enjoy the benefits of the vitamin D and warmth of the sun. Tinting also reduces the fading of your furniture, carpets, and window treatments that the sun causes.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Tinting reduces the energy loss you may be experiencing with your traditional windows. Homes that take advantage of the residential window tinting in Ogden, UT, allow you to reduce your energy costs without having to invest in replacing your existing windows. Your home will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.


The natural light still shines through, but the tinting keeps people from seeing inside of your home. This is ideal for homes in town or urban settings where houses are positioned close together and people are walking past on sidewalks. Tinting is also good for adding privacy to windows found in the bathroom or bedroom.

Tinted windows are the ideal way to give your home the protection and privacy you have been looking for. Visit Barker Glass to discover all of the options available to you.