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While metal may seem like it would be the go-to material for use in an industrial food service setting, there is actually a different material that is strongly preferred and far more advantageous than mere metal. This is material is known as food grade plastic sheet and there are many benefits to using this.

Quick Approval

The FDA can take an extraordinarily long amount of time to analyze and approve metals being used in certain designed parts. However, the opposite is true when plastic is used. By using food grade plastic sheet instead of metal, you can be assured that whatever designed product you have in the works will be much more likely to be approved.

No Sticking

When plastic is used in the food industry, there is no risk of food sticking to the material as there is with metal, glass, or others. This makes it much easier to use for storage purposes and maximizes the amount of food able to be retrieved from the plastic receptacle.

Cost Efficient

When transporting stored food, it is much more cost-efficient to transport plastic containers than it is to transport glass containers. The weight is so greatly reduced that companies all over are making the change to plastic instead of metal or glass.


Food grade plastic sheet is extremely resistant to chemical damage and cannot rust because it simply is unable to on a molecular level. This means they enjoy a long life without having to be replaced with more units.