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Once you get a cat, you will have to take care of its diet. But you must also get your cat checked by a vet on a regular basis to avoid health issues. If you visit the vet frequently, you would have heard of health certificate for cats and how important it is. But you may not know what the health certificate is needed for. In most cases, there’s only one reason why people turn to the vet for a health certificate.

International Travel

Your cat may not be overly affectionate with you, but you know that it will get distressed if it had to stay without you. If you are thinking of going on an international trip this year, you wouldn’t want to leave your cat behind. A vet certificate for animal is needed for international travel for the safety of the pet and the people on the flight.

You should get in touch with the airlines and ask them about their requirements regarding health certificates. After that, you will have to find a USDA-accredited vet and get the paperwork completed by them.


Sometimes people ship their pets to another country for relocation. When pets are shipped, they travel with other animals instead of people. In such a situation, a cats health certificate for travel become necessary for the safety of other animals on the flight.

The health certificate needed for international shipping is also issued by a USDA-accredited vet. Once the vet completes the paperwork, USDA stamps the document to make the certificate official.