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North Dakota is home to tens of thousands of oilfield workers. The oil companies make every attempt to keep workers safe. However, as with any job, accidents can happen without warning, causing serious damages to a worker’s body.

When you are one of hundreds of oilfield workers hurt on the job in the state each year, you have legal rights that you can take advantage of immediately. Making use of your legal entitlements begins by hiring an experienced work injury lawyer in Minot ND 2-3 to represent you.

Filing an Insurance Claim

One of the first moves that you can make as an injured worker involves filing a claim against your employer’s insurer. By law, the company’s workers comp insurance must pay for your immediate accident-related injuries. These expenses extend to prescription costs, physical therapy and emergency room visits.

To get your costs covered, however, you need to file a claim against the insurer. Your lawyer can take care of this task for you if you are nervous or hesitant to do it yourself.

Your attorney can also file for extended workers comp or disability benefits if you cannot go back to work right away. You could be entitled to payments for lost income and coverage for medical costs as you recover.

You can find out more about hiring a work injury lawyer in Minot ND 2-3 online. To set up a consultation, contact the Pagel Weikum Law Firm.