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Ever hear of the mayhaw? It’s a tree that grows in the wetlands of the southern US. This tree produces an extraordinary fruit that is widely used for jellies that are not only delicious but are also great for your health. Read on to learn more about mayhaw jelly in Columbus, GA.

The Mayhaw Tree and Its Fruit

If you’re from the north, east or out west, you may have never seen nor heard of the mayhaw tree. However, southern folk are quite familiar with it. It grows in the wild down there and produces a small round fruit that resembles cranberries. This fruit is known to be tart and is rarely eaten on its own. Instead, it is used to make juices, jellies, and syrups.

Delicious Jelly

Making and eating mayhaw jelly is a joyous tradition in the south. Countless recipes have been developed in amateur and professional kitchens over the years to satisfy the demand for this sweet and slightly tart delicious food product. People love to spread it on toast, put it in desserts, or even make sandwiches with it.

A Healthy Product

Not only is it quite tasty, but it’s also good for you. Mayhaw is rich in beta carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A to be used for healthy skin and eyes. The fruit also contains vitamin C, calcium and potassium, all of which are instrumental in promoting and maintaining healthy bodies.

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