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It can be easier to get excited about your faith when you have others with whom to share it. When you are new to an area or you do not currently belong to a church, you may want to join in activities that expose you to others who share the same beliefs as you.

Before you join a group bible study in Honolulu, you may contemplate if this decision is the right one for you. These reasons can convince you to take part in the organization and become an active member of it.


One of the main reasons for joining a group bible study in Honolulu involves sharing fellowship with others who believe as you do. When you join secular groups, you may not encounter anyone who shares your beliefs or is willing to talk about them. You may feel shut out or like you do not belong.

A bible group, however, is full of members who have a passion for reading and sharing this faith. You can feel at ease with people who also have similar beliefs as you and want to hear what you have to say about the Bible.

The group also allows you to make friends and get out your house. Both can be important for feeling at home in your new church or neighborhood. You can find out more about group bible study in Honolulu online. Contact Word of Life Christian Center to get group meeting times or go to for more information. You can also follow them on Instagram for more information.