Get Notary Services in Terrell TX to Ensure Valid, Authentic Signatures

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Bail Bonds

Contrary to a popular misconception, a notary does not notarize a document. A notary notarizes signatures on the document, attesting to their validity and authenticity. Notary services in Terrell, TX, and other cities are vital when you need to validate the legal authenticity of signatures and corresponding identities on documents like bail bond promissory notes.

What is a Bail Bond Promissory Note?

A bail bond promissory note is a document the bondsman or bond agent presents to the court. It reassures the court that the bond agent intends to pay the full bail amount on behalf of the defendant. In turn, the bond agent charges the defendant a fee that is roughly 10 percent of the bail amount, utilizing collateral or flexible payment plans for the defendant’s benefit.

Since the promissory note and other related bail bond documents presented to the court pertain to the defendant’s bail, the defendant’s signature or representatives’ signatures are a must.

Bond agents offering notary services in Terrell, TX, or anywhere provide an additional layer of legal validity and authenticity to the defendant’s signature on any notarized document. Notarization also means the notary can be subpoenaed and called to appear in court should the authenticity of signatures on key documents come into question.

Collateral & Co-Signing

To shore up the bondsman’s promissory note, the bondsman requires collateral from the defendant. Collateral can be a boat, house, car, jewel or firearm whose liquidation covers the bond agent’s fee in the event of a failure to appear. Corresponding documents attest to the presentation of specific collateral, and the legal weight of signatures on those documents benefits exclusively from official notarization.

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