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Anesthesia, or the loss of feeling from a pharmacologic depression, is administered by human hands. This is why so many of the mistakes result from human error at the hands of the anesthesiologist that cause injury and even death. Anesthesia business consultants can learn what mistakes to watch out for so they can be more aware of the trouble.

Breathing-circuit disconnections, changes in gas flow and drug syringe errors are a few of the most common errors anesthesiologists make.

Incorrect Administration

Syringe swaps, a mistake in which two syringes are switched out with each other, results in administering the wrong drug and can have disastrous consequences. Mismanagement of fluid replacement or the replacement of oxygen during surgery and poor communication, distraction or fatigue leads to even more errors.

Equipment Issues

Overt equipment failure, though less common, is another serious mishap in anesthesia. Equipment with controls that are virtually unreadable to the naked eye could lead to failure on behalf of the anesthesiologist. When the office is crowded, it hampers the ability of the personnel to see and select the right dials. Anesthesia business consultants are aware of how important the equipment is in the procedure.

Perhaps the worst form of anesthesia failure is the kind that results in severe emotional trauma. A valve inadvertently closing, exhaust from a gas cylinder, a disconnection from the gas supply and other issues can occur. If any of these happen during delivery, the patient may wake up during the procedure. This is a terrifying event in which the patient may be unable to communicate his or her awareness while undergoing surgery and results in heavy post-traumatic stress.

Anesthesia business consultants are one step ahead and do as much as possible to prevent unforeseen dangers in anesthesia.

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