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When it comes to EMR solutions, or electronic medical records, you want a system that works, is easy to understand, is user-friendly and easy to update. The paper system of medical record keeping has basically become an obsolete forest taking up storage space.

Anesthesia and Pharmaceutical Documentation

Documenting a patient’s anesthesia intake and monitoring their vitals is no longer a stack of papers on a clipboard. The danger of misread numbers is high in a paper system. Let’s face it, doctors write orders and aren’t known for their penmanship skills. Was that a one or a seven? Giving the correct dosage of medication is vital to patient care. Staff leaving sticky notes for the next shift of nurses in a hospital can also create a nightmare. Having everything in the palm of your hand where you can access each patient without having to go back to the nurse’s station for a chart is part of the streamlining process of technology and a great way of making EMR a solution.

Fully Integrated System for EMR Solutions

Using EMR solutions can make your facility more efficient, require less manpower because you won’t need a team of file clerks to go through stacks of files in a basement or require a requisition order to have a file pulled from off-site storage. Plus, with EMR solutions, you can have it fully integrated with your billing system so things are captured in real time. Your billables become a lot easier and patients can actually leave the hospital or medical facility knowing exactly what their bill is because of the immediate capture of services and supplies used for them.

To unchain yourself from the mountains of paper in medical records and learn more about EMR solutions, visit the website.