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Among the many different types of trees that grow in North America there are several that are replicated for decor purposes due to their beautiful aesthetics. Of these trees, the manzanita tree is the most popular to incorporate into events and weddings. The original tree grows naturally in the western portion of North America, but since they have come into use for decorative purposes they have grown to be wildly popular throughout the country.

The manzanita tree is uniquely distinctive due to its twisted shapes that many people find intriguing, so the branches are often the focal point of centerpieces. Usually ornaments are hung from the branches, such as acrylic crystal strands and lace or ribbon.

What is Manzanita Tree Decor Like?

Manzanita Tree Decor is often very tall, up to 48”, and contains at least eight branches. The branches twist into beautiful shapes and are slightly bendable so that you can put your preferred accent piece onto the tree to serve as your overall centerpiece for a wedding or event table.

Oven coated in glitter, the most popular colors for manzanita centerpiece trees are white, ivory, silver, black, and gold; manzanita trees can also be purchased in plain metallic colors. Some manzanita trees also include LED lighting into the tips of the branches, which is perfect for an event taking place in low-lighting or at night time. The natural-looking manzanita branch centerpieces made out of plastic quite often appear just as beautiful as the original tree!

How Is A Manzanita Tree Used?

The replica manzanita tree has become very popular as wedding and event decoration, often being placed at every guest table and around a venue to make the event look cohesive. These manzanita tree can be used for a number of purposes depending on the theme and overall décor of the wedding, and the personal preferences of the bride and groom. Some of the colors manzanita tree branches can come in are gold, silver, white, ivory, and black, often accompanied by a coat of glitter.

They can be used to hold candles or flowers, or have some other kind of decoration draped over the branches. An artificial manzanita tree has some advantages over the real tree as they are just as durable, lighter, can be reused, and are easily obtainable

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