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On average, some 110,000 United States residents move every day, according to recent statistics from federal government agencies. Although some people simply move down the road, others move across the country or at least several hundred miles away from their current places of residence. Whether you currently have two cars or 20, there are many benefits you’ll enjoy by simply hiring a company that offers to “ship my car from Atlanta” to wherever it needs to go instead of you driving it.

Rest Assured That Your Ride Will Be Fine

Reputable auto transport companies in Atlanta GA purchase insurance policies that protect the vehicles they carry. If your vehicle is in a wreck and gets damaged, the shipper’s insurance policy will have you covered, so you won’t have to pay to replace your vehicle.

Mileage Goes a Long Way in Affecting Vehicular Value

As you know, 1,000 miles driven within a city full of stop-and-go traffic does a lot more damage on motor vehicles than 1,000 miles driven on highways or interstates. Even though highway miles don’t do nearly as much to a vehicle as their city counterparts, there’s no possible way to assure future potential buyers of your vehicle that a certain proportion of its miles are from long trips driven either mostly or entirely on highways. Using a transport service means that the moving miles won’t show up on your vehicle’s odometer.

You’ll Emit Fewer Greenhouse Gases Into the Atmosphere

It’s great that our society is far more concerned with conserving the environment of planet Earth than ever before. One way that you can reduce your ecological footprint when faced with a long domestic move is by using a car relocation service that offers to “ship my car from Atlanta” to wherever you are going. This is because multiple vehicles essentially carpool on the vehicle transport trucks, reducing how much gas is used and how much exhaust is released into the air.