Tree Bark as Decorative and Practical Yard Protection in the Lakewood Area

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Air Conditioning & Heating

Bark, compost, and play chip supplies are useful materials for a range of landscaping and ground cover projects. Building and property exteriors require due attention and care to keep them presentable, functional, and healthy. Bark and compost ground covers are a useful and decorative option for meeting a range of landscaping needs.

Benefits of Bark and Mulch

Bark ground cover is made up of shredded tree bark in fine, medium, and large pieces. It serves as a beneficial application for plantings and around trees and shrubs. Bark in Lakewood not only enhances the appearance of plantings and walkways, but also prevents weed growth, and at the bases of tree trunks, bark can prevent rotting and even rodent damage.

Types of Bark

Types of bark in Lakewood can include:

  • Dark Fine Bark
  • Red Fine Bark
  • Medium Bark
  • Play Chips

Fine mulch is not only a decorative application, but it also helps protect delicate plantings from weeds and heat. Medium bark in Lakewood also enhances the grounds’ appearance while insulating roots against heat or cold. Larger woodchips make an inexpensive, attractive and safe option for playground areas.

A Soil Enhancement

Bark and fine mulch in Lakewood, Port Orchard, Tacoma, Puyallup, and the Puget Sound area are made of organic material and will also add nutrients to the soil as they decompose over time. Perfect applications include flower, garden and shrub beds. An additional three-inch level of fine mulch or compost at season’s end will enrich the soil for upcoming plantings.

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