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One of the best ways to decorate your porch and provide a safe haven for packages is with a metal milk box. These colored boxes can be painted to match your current décor; plus, they provide a safe and dry place to store all of your important packages.

If you consider adding one of these to your front porch, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Bolt it Down

If you are going to be using a milk box as a place to hide all of your upcoming deliveries, you might want to consider bolting it down. Bolting it down secures the box so that people can’t just simply walk away with it.

Not only that, but bolting it down means less chance of it moving across the porch when bumped or if sudden strong winds come blowing through.

Add a Lock

No matter what you plan to use your metal milk box for, whether it’s packages or storing extra items from your porch, you want to add a lock to your box. The addition of a lock allows you to further protect everything inside. With a lock securely in place, people cannot just randomly open your box and peek at what’s inside, which can help cut down on package thefts.

If you are going to add a lock to your box and you plan on using it to store packages and other deliveries, you want to choose one that your delivery drivers can easily get open. Password locks allow you to give the password to drivers in your delivery instructions, but not everybody reads those.

Your best choice is to add a plastic sign to the inside of the box that explains to your delivery driver how to lock the box after placing the package inside.