Tips For Getting The Most From Online Yoga Classes

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Yoga

Throughout the pandemic, people have looked for ways to get exercise and to relieve stress and anxiety in a natural, holistic way. With yoga studios closed, many individuals, couples, and even entire families in Minneapolis turned to online yoga classes to fill this need.

No Need to Go Without Yoga

Yoga teachers from top studios across Minneapolis offer a wide range of yoga classes through an online class experience. As with in-person classes, participants are provided with modifications and alternative options to poses to suit their specific level. Additionally, the best instructors also provide accommodations to assist yogis with any type of pain or mobility issues to safely get into and hold poses throughout the class.

To get the maximum benefit from online yoga classes, here are few suggestions from top studios in the city:

  • Consider the technology – it is possible to connect a laptop or a mobile device to a television to allow you to easily see the poses and the movements of the instructor. Cell phones and tablets can be used, but they need to be positioned closer for easy visibility.
  • Clear a space – while you need space on the floor for your mat, you also need space to the sides and back of the mat for various poses. Test your space before getting started to ensure you have the ability to raise your leg in a downward dog or extend your arms in the T-position.
  • Consider props – most people benefit from the use of a yoga block or blocks, a bolster, and perhaps a strap. Remember, household items can also be used, including books, pillows, and a hand towel or yoga mat wrap to use as a make-do yoga strap.

Try to set aside regular time for online yoga classes, just as you do at the studio. At the end of the online class, take the time to relax and meditate in shivasana, allowing your body and mind to focus on the yoga experience.

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