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One of the most stressful situations that a home-owner may find himself or herself facing is having a leaking pipe after business hours, on the weekend or during a holiday. This can quickly become a very big problem if the home-owner is not able to contact a technician who handles repairing Plumbing In Asheville, NC on an emergency basis. Often, a leaky pipe can cause significant damage to the home and the property within it. During such times, it is important a home-owner know how to limit the damage it can cause until a repair person can arrive.

Generally, one of the first things that a home-owner will want to do is to make sure that the water going to the pipe with the leak is shut off. Sometimes, this can be accomplished by turning of a shut off valve within the home. These are generally located under faucets or behind the toilets in the home. Turning off the valves located nearest the leak may stop the water from continuing to move into the home. If this is unsuccessful, the home-owner will need to turn the water off at the main shut off valve. This valve is generally found outside, and turning it off will stop all water into the home. Many times, it is located near the water meter. If a home-owner cannot find the valve, they may need to call the local water utility company to handle the task until an emergency plumbing services in Asheville, NC can get to the home to handle the situation.

Once the water is off, if the plumber will not be able to arrive for a long period; it may be a good idea for the home-owner to try to handle making a temporary repair on the problem on his or her own. To accomplish this, the home-owner will first need to find the leak and asses how large the problem is. If there is a hairline crack in the pipe, then he or she can generally use a temporary plumbing patch kit that can be purchased at a local hardware store. These kits can contain various types of items to help in stopping a leak on a temporary basis. Kits with rubber pads and metal plates will often be a good choice for anyone who will be waiting a significant length of time on a repair person who can permanently fix the problem with their plumbing in Asheville, NC.