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Ultrasound imaging is a valuable tool for diagnosing medical conditions and monitoring fetal health during pregnancy. If you want to offer this technology in your office, you don’t have to commit to an expensive, bulky unit. Here are three reasons to consider adding a compact and powerful portable ultrasound machine to your practice.

Instant Diagnosis

You already know the value of a timely diagnosis, but many patients wait days or weeks for an ultrasound appointment. Having a portable handheld ultrasound device at the ready allows you to examine internal problems and provide an instant diagnosis so that treatment can begin immediately.

Cost Reduction

Do you know how much your patients are paying for ultrasounds at an imaging center? Ultrasounds can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, and imaging centers are not always in your patient’s insurance network. Affordable in-office ultrasounds can make your practice more attractive to new patients.

Patient Comfort

Going across town to a second appointment in a new facility just for imaging increases anxiety and discomfort for many patients. With a convenient handheld ultrasound device, you can do imaging in the comfort of your office without the need for the patient to move from the exam table.

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