Top-Grade Strings for 5 String Double Basses in St. Petersburg, FL

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Violin Shops

Double basses, the largest of the orchestral string instruments, typically tune to EAD and G strings. However, the 5 string bass, which typically tunes as BEAD and G or CEAD and G, are useful for reaching lower notes below the E string. Today’s string sets for 5 string basses are designed to work with multiple base configurations and hold tuning.

Types of 5 String Basses

The first 5-string basses appeared in the 1880s. Today’s versions have either a fingered or mechanical extension or a fifth string altogether. A fifth string has advantages over extensions in that they don’t require extra reach or need to open or close an E clamp, and they can allow for faster passages and additional left-hand fingering options.

Double Bass String Types

While most strings, including 5 String Bass Strings In St. Petersburg, FL, were typically made from gut until the 20th century, today’s double bass strings most often have nylon or steel cores.

  • Gut Strings – gut strings tend to be quite expensive and don’t often come into use. However, they do find application in cases where players seek to replicate tones of earlier periods. Lower tension also makes gut strings a preference with bluegrass and rockabilly players who look for a percussive sound.
  • Steel or Nylon Strings – synthetic-core and steel strings are today’s standard. In almost all cases, they are metal-wound with chrome, aluminum, silver, nickel or tungsten and tend to maintain a stable pitch in changing humidity and temperatures.

Their structure also allows for playing techniques not available with gut strings. This includes tone retention the length of the fretboard, including clearer high notes.

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