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There are a lot of myths about how to properly take care of your yard when it comes to both new and old trees on a property. In particular, when adding new trees to your yard there are three rules to remember. The first rule concerns the root system, the second pertains to protection from the sun and insects and lastly, the rules regarding pruning your new tree. When in doubt, check with your local tree service in Marietta GA for proper handling of your new plants.

Often times, when you see a new tree being planted, there are many tie downs and stakes to develop the root system. While this helps in the growth of an upright tree there is significant damage that can occur in this process. The stakes in the ground can actually damage and constrict the root system. On its own, a tree will develop deeper roots when able to move slightly.

Another common misconception in helping a new tree is often you will see the trunk wrapped to prevent damage from the sun or insects from burrowing holes. In extreme weather conditions, the wrapping was thought as a traditional way to keep the bark safe. Unfortunately, the wrap tends to hold in the temperature and the extremes are magnified under the wrap protection. Also, some more dangerous insects find the wrap an attractive burrowing material.

Lastly, pruning a new tree can again damage the tree root system as opposed to more traditional beliefs that it helps establish the tree. When initially planted, the tops of the tree may be trimmed back as well as damaged branches, but the crown should stay intact. Trimming the top will help more water and nutrients get into the leaves to establish and induce root growth. The tree will develop a stronger root system when the crown is allowed to flourish during the planting of a new tree.

Most invasive procedures involved with a new tree are not necessary and, in fact, may harm your new plant. Keep this in mind when trying to care for your new tree apart from the planting process. Preparing the soil ahead of time is more beneficial than unnecessary tactics after the tree is in the ground.