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A starker exchange is also known as a 1031 exchange tax exemption. It is like most tax codes and a little confusing, but basically a 1031 exchange makes it possible for an individual investor to defer paying taxes on profits that came from the sale of property, provided that the profit is used to invest into or buy another “like-kind property.”

Why Anyone Might Be Interested in Starker Exchange Services

  • When you sell any property that is considered to be a type of investment property, even if you didn’t initially purchase it, because if you are selling it you could be taxed on the profits from that sale.
  • If your past record with investment properties is not that good, outright selling your investment property could cost you more than you earn, so a Starker Exchange or 1031 Exchange is a good option.
  • For owners who have a rental property that has greatly increased in value over the years, they can make a profit that can be invested back into another piece of property to help them earn even more.
  • The big question is, are you ready to take the steps needed to take advantage of these exchange rates and are you ready to contact us at DJF Exchange to take that step?

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