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International Harvester manufactured the last Farmall Cub tractor in 1981. Nevertheless, many people still own this equipment, some dating back to the first production year of 1947. When components must be replaced, owners need to find Farmall Cub parts. Some become loyal customers of a parts supplier who can keep their beloved tractor in good working order.

The Original Purpose

The manufacturer designed this tractor so that owners of small farms would have equipment to replace horses and mules. By the late 1970s, people had many other options, and the demand for small farm tractors had plummeted. Nevertheless, it’s the most popular one ever manufactured.

Men and women who preferred these models over any others often kept the equipment. Eventually, upon retiring from managing the small farm, they might sell to another Farmall Cub fan or pass it along to family members.

A Cub Community

People needing to repair a Farmall Cub have support from online communities. They receive advice from knowledgeable men and women there.

Some have purchased a tractor to restore to its original condition. They might enjoy doing this work as a hobby. Others own the machine for practical use on a limited amount of acreage.

After buying Farmall Cub parts and fixing the equipment, the owners might like to spend time reminiscing with others. Community members discuss how they first learned about the company and when they originally obtained their tractor. Some travel to county fairs and other events where these devices are featured in shows and displays.