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Farming equipment is as collectible as anything else. This includes antique tractors and plows, which many farmers like to collect or own for the purpose of projects in their free time. If you own an antique John Deere tractor, and you are looking to restore it, you might feel as though you are at a loss as to where to find antique John Deere tractor parts. It may surprise you to learn that antique John Deere tractor parts are not that difficult to acquire.

Tap John Deere Manufacturing

The manufacturer itself has lots of old parts in warehouses across the country. They might find and sell you the antique parts you need, but you would be better off taking that information and going through a tractor retailer that can get the parts for you for a little bit less. The retailers can buy parts for less because they are retailers, and they can pass those savings on to you.

Retailers That Focus on Antique Tractor Parts

There are companies that actually focus on acquiring and selling antique tractor parts. This is probably your best bet since they have a very broad inventory that they have accumulated over many years. Just tell them what make and model and year your antique John Deere tractor was made and they can look up in their inventory system to see if they have the parts you are looking for. If they don’t, they can probably track the parts down for you, eliminating countless hours of searching on your own.