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When someone cannot work for a long time due to an injury, they may fall behind on bills and other financial obligations while waiting for a decision about workers’ compensation in Macon, GA. This person may fear that once workers’ comp has been approved that the payments might be garnished for one obligation or another. A workers’ comp lawyer can provide insight into this topic.


Although paychecks can be garnished for certain obligations, workers’ compensation in Macon, GA and elsewhere is usually exempt from this action. That includes garnishments for back child support, student loans, unpaid federal taxes and other responsibilities. Sometimes current child support payments can be taken from the workers’ compensation check, but support payments in arrears are generally the responsibility of the parent to pay directly.


This also carries over when an injured person is paid a lump sum settlement through workers’ compensation benefits. That can happen when the individual is no longer able to work at their job. It also happens when the person suffers a serious injury that cannot be healed, even if this individual goes back to work with the same employer at the same job. An example would be a finger amputation.

Current Child Support

What power does a custodial parent have if the child’s other parent is receiving workers’ compensation and not paying child support? This person can petition the court for garnishment of the workers’ compensation payments. A judge will likely rule in favor of the petitioner. In a similar fashion, unemployment checks can also automatically have support payments taken from the full amount due to the recipient. Many people feel this is unfair since unemployment payments might be only half or less of what the worker was earning, but the parent is still responsible for financially supporting the youngster.


If the person does not go back to work and eventually begins accepting Social Security Disability Income, those payments are allowed to be garnished by various agencies. The reasons for these discrepancies can be explained by lawyers. Visit the website for more information.

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