Why Seek Independent Insurance Services in Fort Myers?

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Insurance Services

The rising cost of insurance premiums is a major problem in states experiencing major climate changes. The frequency and severity of high winds, flooding, hurricanes, snowfall, earthquakes and other weather disasters make getting insurance coverage expensive and difficult. Some carriers are ceasing to provide policies to those in certain states.

Navigating Policies

Carriers electing to continue coverage have added provisions, restrictions, or clauses that limit claims. It is wise for people in those states, such as Florida, to seek the services of independent insurance agencies. Independent Insurance Services in Fort Myers are not limited to specific insurance companies because the freedom exists to explore multiple companies and policies.

Dedicated agencies, companies that operate online only, and those contacted via 1-800 phone numbers do not compare the prices or coverage options of alternative carriers. Policy presentations are biased and designed to highlight the positive aspects of the coverage. There is little mention, if any, about limitations and items not covered. An independent agent has no bias and can be objective when helping customers navigate policies.

Work with Insurance Companies

The quality of Insurance Services in Fort Myers is based in part by how well independent agencies work with insurance companies. Local agencies can best represent the needs and struggles of homeowners and business owners to protect their properties.

Homeowners who have installed sump pumps, for example, are taking proactive measures to protect against flooding. This step lowers the risk of damage by flooding and makes that property more appealing to insurance companies. Insurance is all about risk so lower risk leads to lower premiums.

Personal Service

The continuity of service offered by independent agencies is superior to that of other insurance outlets. Claims are filed with the same person who sold you the policy instead of with an automated telephone system. The policy will be reviewed face to face on an annual basis or when changes occur.

The individual who got married over the past six months and is expecting a child will have the pleasure of sitting down with her agent and discussing the need for adding new policies. If multiple options and personal service peaks the interest, Contact Lee County Insurance Agency to begin the process of seeking independent insurance services.

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