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One of the tasks you need to complete when taking your company public is the distribution of shares. This process can be made easier to handle by getting assistance from a company offering specialized cap table software. Going this route is an excellent choice as it ensures you follow SEC requirements and stay compliant.

Following SEC Rules Is Crucial

When your company issues preferred stock options or shares, one of your duties is to record the data. This process must be done correctly to ensure you stay compliant with SEC regulations. If you want to safeguard against making errors when recording data, it’s best to utilize a reliable resource, such as specialized cap table software. Knowing you are handling this job with the right tools should help you know it’s completed to meet the required standards.

Offers the Security You Require

Working with data from investors requires you to maintain a specific amount of security. Utilizing a reliable application is a top-notch way to accomplish all your requirements. It allows you to tap into the level of encryption needed to keep your investors’ data safe.

Providing Efficiency

The task of distributing shares can be handled efficiently if you complete the issuance of preferred stock options or shares using a specialized application created to assist with this process. You’ll have the ability to keep each transaction accurate and current. Choosing this option is best when you want efficiency. Learning more about this service and the company offering it can be done by visiting EquityTrack at