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Do you have a patio or backyard? Do you also have sliding glass doors to access that patio or backyard? If not, why not? When compared to traditional wood or composite doors, sliding glass doors are so much better when installed as access to a backyard or patio area. If you’ve never thought about this kind of door installation or just need some further convincing, here are four reasons you should get sliding glass doors.

Energy Efficiency

You may not have thought about it, but sliding glass doors in San Francisco are actually a great investment in your home since they can help reduce your utility bills. First, they allow you to use less electricity for lighting, even during the late afternoon and early evening. Second, they can be used to help cool your home down in the summer (provided that you have screens). Overall, they will have a much greater impact than traditional door installations.

Let There Be Light

One of the best reasons to get sliding glass doors is so you can improve the look of your home with a flood of natural light. Traditional doors reduce the light that comes in, forcing you to use more lamps and artificial sources. With sliding glass doors, you can get much more sun and, more important, more vitamin D as a result.

More Space

The great thing about sliding glass doors is that they have a super slim profile. For smaller spaces, these door installations can be much more efficient and effective.


With sliding glass doors, you have much more versatility than with traditional doors. You can keep an eye on the kids in the backyard, you can open the door and let fresh air in without bugs or other pests, and it’s overall much easier to get in and out, which can be helpful if you are carrying anything. Overall, sliding glass doors are the best kind of door installation. For more information contact