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Thought limos were just for the rich and famous? Think again!

At Clean Ride Limo, we take pride in our impressive array of luxury limousines, and are eager for all of our clients to enjoy the ultimate VIP experience with Airport Limo Service in Florida. For those who have never basked in such glory, a plethora of opportunities afford the chance to upgrade from ordinary to extraordinary. Among others, consider the following scenarios just perfect for hiring a limousine:

Meet and Greet a New Client

Impress your guests with a private chauffeur straight from the airport. Not only will you make your client feel like the real MVP, but you’ll save yourself the embarrassment of having to pick him out of a crowd!

Welcome Friends and Family to Town

Whether you’re hosting the annual family reunion or simply relaxing with old friends for the weekend, show them how a real host treats her guests with the ultimate in affordable luxury. With a shuttle straight to your door, you’ll even have a few extra minutes to finish cleaning the house!

Ride Off Into the Sunset In Style

The wedding and reception may have blown away the guests, but you and your new spouse deserve only the best when it comes to starting your new life together. Book a private ride direct to your honeymoon suite to start everything off on the right foot.

To learn more about our limo services or to book your luxury VIP travel, contact Clean Ride Limo. Florida’s premier provider of private chauffeured services, Clean Ride Limo is proud to be an accredited NLA advocate.