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Customer service is a business’s best opportunity to strengthen their bond with the customer. For small businesses, the task of customer correspondence can dilute the focus of a small staff, but the benefits can contribute to long-term growth. For large companies, customer interaction becomes an extension of larger themes presented as part of a larger brand strategy – customer retention is king. In both cases, professionalism is integral, but recently companies have begun breaking new ground in customer service.

Train the Team to Win

Call center service providers must train teams that can deal with customer interactions via mobile and social media. Industry customer care and privacy norms form the foundation of success, but next-level customer care requires teams to understand how social media works and how social media users interact with companies on the various platforms.

Use Data to Mold the Team

Data analytics are as good for the call center service provider as they are for the customer. Providers must use the data collected when providing service to guide employees to greater success. Conversely, employees who have shown exceptional acumen in handling certain tasks should be encouraged to become specialists at handling customers with that particular inquiry.

Kick the Habit

Yes, call center employees become better as they encounter more customers, but the quickest way to improve and maintain the quality of service is to foster a positive team environment, provide employees with opportunities for further education, and keep the work meaningful and varied. This creates a dynamic where successful service is assured because both people and technological resources are available and for fair use. When difficulties are encountered, the employee will feel comfortable collaborating to find the best appropriate solutions.

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