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You may not realize it, but structural steel is used in a lot of different industries. This metal is also used by a lot of different professionals from contractors to architects. The reason for this is clear. Structural steel is a durable and versatile metal that can serve almost any purpose. It also has great corrosion resistance properties. Find out how structural steel is used in today’s world.


Structural steel has a big role in the manufacturing of vehicles. It is used to create undercarriages for aircraft, engine parts, transmissions and even large ships. This material is preferred because it is both rugged and flexible. Structural steel Edmonton also wards off corrosion in a very effective manner. Perhaps the biggest reason structural steel is popular in vehicle manufacturing is because it is cheaper than other metals. Therefore, it provides the best of both worlds when it comes to strength and pricing.

In Packaging Plants

You may not think structural steel could be used for packaging, but it definitely is. It provides great protection from the elements to keep products safe. In most cases, the steel will be coated with a layer of tin. You have probably seen structural steel packaging without even realizing it. Just think of bottle caps for one. This steel is usually rolled to become thinner and more bendable. All in all, packaging is one of the most unlikely places you can find structural steel.

The Mining Industry

You might be able to guess that structural steel is commonly used in mining. In fact, the internal structure of a mine shaft is usually supported by structural steel. In addition to this, many other mining-related tools and building are constructed with this material. Structural steel Edmonton can be used to make bed boilers and mining equipment. In reality, there is no better metal to rely on while in a mine.

Wrapping Up Structural Steel

Structural steel has too many uses to cover in one reading. Just know that it is around you everywhere, and you probably interact with it everyday. Whenever you have an industrial project, you should really consider using structural steel.