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Businesses that elect to utilize a dedicated virtual server for their online business ventures find that they provide a higher level of reliability and stability rather than a free website or cheap hosting services. Turn to a reputed web hosting company like SMB Hosting Solutions for their dedicated virtual server hosting and other superior solutions. By electing to use a dedicated virtual server, you will discover that you have an exceptionally high level of control over the actions that take place on the server. You can select which activities to allow on a server and you are able to successfully avoid lag problems. Businesses that utilize a server that is shared with other businesses typically find that the bandwidth and other aspects of their website or applications are heavily impacted by the activities, programs and scripts that other businesses have on their website or applications that share the same server. However, with a dedicated virtual server hosting, it will permit you to retain full control.

Dependable Service

When you are looking for cost-effective and efficient solutions to manage your business, developers bring technical solutions and expertise that will openly cater to your needs. Their service is extremely secure, easy to access and dependable. No matter what shape and size your business is they do everything they can to ensure your online material is accessible and reliable to your targeted audience.

Some of the Features Include:

  • Latest Generation of Intel Processors E3 and E5 Series
  • High Bandwidth Availability
  • DDOS Protection
  • SSL Certificate
  • KVM Over IP
  • Root Access
  • Back Up in NAS Storage, AWS S3 Storage
  • Choice of Operating System

It’s Imperative to Consider the Advantages

If you expect your business to experience vast growth, it is imperative to consider the advantages that a dedicated virtual server hosting has to offer to your online website or application. You will have the tools you need, the service you require and the ability to effectively control the activities and programs that take place on your server as well as the ability to strengthen the security of your business website. Browse the site for more information.