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While your teeth are in basically good condition, are you really happy with them? You may be surprised to learn that different forms of Cosmetic Dentistry Dayton accomplish more than improving the look of your smile. They may also help your teeth to be more functional. Here are a few of the less commonly known benefits that the right procedure will provide.

Adding Strength to Your Teeth

Even as the cosmetic dentistry , some procedures provide additional strength to damaged teeth. Did you know that the right combination of procedures will reinforce teeth that are cracked or weakened due to tooth decay? Approaches like the use of veneers and crowns will do quite a bit to make a weak tooth more stable. The result is that you could avoid additional damage and get to keep that tooth for quite a few years.

Improve Your Bite

Some procedures also make it possible for your bite to improve. This is true when your upper and lower teeth did not meet properly. It’s also true if some of your teeth were chipped or cracked. The cosmetic work evens the bite while also making it possible to apply more force when you bite and chew.

Minimize the Risk of Other Dental Issues

Using some type of cosmetic dentistry  to resolve current dental issues can also minimize the potential for other problems to develop. The work you have done now could reduce the risk of gum infections, damage to the surrounding teeth, and even prevent tooth decay from occurring. Think of the cosmetic procedures as being one more way to be proactive with your plan for dental health.

Could you use a procedure now? Call the dentist and arrange an appointment. After an exam and some tests, it will be easy to settle on cosmetic procedures that leave you with sturdier teeth and a brilliant smile.