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By now, everyone has heard something about CBD oil. Does it have THC? Does it make you high? Can you pass a drug test while using it? These are just some of the questions that many people pose. However, people with chronic pain don’t worry about these things; they just want to feel better. So, what’s the skinny on CBD oil for pain in Birmingham, AL?

Pain by The Numbers

The Arthritis Foundation reports the number of people with arthritis or chronic pain number 54 million, with 300,000 being children. Added to these are the undiagnosed, for a total of 91 million. By 2040, that number will grow by 50 percent. How does CBD oil help?

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is the essential oil extracted from the cannabis or hemp plant. CBD oil contains more than 80 cannabinoids helpful to health in many ways. Cannabis has been used for pain in countries around the world as far back as 3000 BCE.

How Does It Work?

When you rub in CBD oil for pain in Birmingham, AL, the oil interacts with CB receptors CB1 and CB2. CB1 tackles the brain to remedy the anxiety and depression accompanying chronic pain. The CB2 receptors interact with the immune system. They silence the pain signals to the brain, so the brain won’t send red blood cells to the site to cause inflammation. The theory is that no inflammation results in no pain.

Is It Safe?

CBD oil has been found through many studies to be safe for use with almost no side effects. There is no danger of addiction or overdose. There may be interactions with chemical medications, so ask your doctor if you can take CBD oil with them.

CBD oil is safe for use, is non-addictive, and eases chronic pain.

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