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The kitchen is the heart of any home. Kids do homework at the kitchen table, we talk to family and friends there, and we nurture our families with food there. It makes sense to light the kitchen as well as possible. Our kitchen remodeling contractors in Homewood, AL, are well-versed in the different types of lighting, both natural and otherwise. What are the different types of lighting?

Task Lighting

No one wants to slice a finger when prepping meats, fruits, and vegetables. Ambient lighting isn’t always bright enough for such tasks. Task lighting comes in the form of pendant lights over the prep area, usually the island. It’s brighter than ambient lighting, ensuring you see well enough to scrape the carrot instead of just a finger.

Focus Lighting

The first thing anyone sees in a kitchen is the cabinets. Whether they’re painted a bright, attractive color, stark white, or dark wood, they should be highlighted for their beauty. Focus lighting does this. Most homeowners use ceiling-mounted spotlights, while others use track lighting. Either way, those cabinets will glow.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting covers the whole room and is usually softly lit. One flush-mount ceiling fixture did the job back in the day. Today, homeowners are using recessed cans, imaginative pendant lighting, as well as lighting beneath plinths and atop the cabinets. Some homeowners combine all of these for a brighter kitchen.

When you decide to let the outdoors in, ambient lighting can give your newly remodeled kitchen a cachet it might not have had before. Flooring and cabinets, counter tops and islands will be properly seen in their natural beauty.

Our kitchen remodeling contractors in Homewood, AL, will work with you to deliver your dream kitchen. We can provide just about any look you decide on. To learn more about our company, today.

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