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Have you decided to remodel your bathroom, but you don’t know what kind of mirror would work best? The small size of a bathroom can cause a dilemma when deciding what mirror you can place in there. Despite the typically smaller bathroom size, a mirror can add stunning detail and increase how large you see the bathroom as. You can even customize mirrors to fit into compact spaces or to expand across an entire wall. You have a plethora of options to choose from, whether you are planning on placing a single small mirror in a bathroom or a couple mirrors side by side to expand above the entire bathroom counter. Because of the many design choices and styles that you can choose from, there are many factors you can consider when looking at options for mirrors in Chicago. This ultimately helps you in choosing a mirror that will best fit your bathroom.

Measure the Space

One of the most important parts of choosing a mirror is deciding on size. A mirror is one size, and adding a frame can easily add more length. Therefore, it is important to plan how large a mirror with a frame can be for the space. You can also measure the space between the mirror and the wall. This can add an effect that gives your mirror the appearance of a box. You can easily avoid this by allowing appropriate space of about two to three inches if you are considering a large hanging mirror. It can also be important to measure the space between your vanity and the overhead lights to be sure that you don’t choose a mirror that gets too close to either of these.

Consider Your Windows

It is important to be sure that your mirror is large enough that it can reflect a window. This can improve the lighting in your bathroom.

Measure Recessed Space

You can measure a mirror to best fit in your recessed space. A large customized mirror without a frame may work the best.

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