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A Probate Attorney Sacramento clients require is there to assist with the preparation of a will and testament. Lawyers such as a Law Offices of Mitchell S. Ostwald will provide the necessary preparation and division of property that can sometimes get ugly when a last will and testament is not drawn up prior to death. A probate attorney will be required should a loved one pass away without a will as they will be in charge of trying to handle any disputes over the assets and property in question.

Unexpected Death
Probate lawyers are hired when someone dies unexpectedly. Most people who are aging or ill are certain to have their wills ready in case of death. This is always advisable for the elderly or those with a terminal illness. However having a will prepared is always a good idea to spare your family the pain of dealing with disputes and arrangements to guardianship of children, etc.

Probate Lawyer Role
The role of a probate lawyer is to distribute the assets of the deceased whether they had a will or not. They will draw up a will for those who have the foresight to be prepared in case of death. However, in the case where a loved one passes away without a will, a probate lawyer is an absolute must to help handle any disputes or claims to assets and property of the deceased. Probate lawyers in Sacramento can also assist with setting up trust funds when required.

Challenges with Death
There will be many issues that arise following the death of a loved one including tax issues, debt issues and the distribution of assets. A probate attorney Sacramento hires will assist with all of these challenges. Another issue that can arise when a loved one passes away is that family members may dispute the will and the distribution outlined. This is a common occurrence and probate lawyers are equipped to deal with situations in which a will is contested.

Your best bet is to be prepared and provide a will. This is especially important for people with a family and children. You want to know your wishes are clear in the case of guardianship and that your children will be provided with the best possible care.