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If you know what 3C hair is, you probably have it. However, if you’re not familiar with the label, it simply means that you have very tight curls. This type of curly hair needs special care to maintain its moisture, bounce, and volume. You’ll have to use high-quality 3C hair products to protect your hair from damage. Additionally, the following tips can help you retain the health of your hair.

Shampoo Once a Week

While washing your hair too frequently will drain the oil and moisture from it, you should shampoo once a week. You can wash twice a week if the extra washing is needed. Additionally, avoid using a shampoo that uses sulfates because sulfates will quicken the rate at which your hair loses moisture.

Moisturize Daily

Just like your skin, your hair can lose moisture and become dehydrated if you don’t take steps to hydrate consistently. You should use a small spray bottle to spritz your hair with water throughout the day when the temperature is hot and dry. Additionally, a moisturizer or conditioner should also be added to your hair each day.

Deep Hydrate Once Per Week

One day each week, you should deep hydrate your hair by applying a natural oil moisturizer, which you can get from wherever you buy 3C hair products. Once the moisturizer has been applied, sit under a hooded dryer for at least 30 minutes. The heat will help infuse your hair with the oil, allowing it to form a protective coating over your hair. This will help your hair retain moisture better throughout the week.

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