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Most people have a limited understanding of all the various specializations in the dental field. In Oak Brook, IL, adults typically schedule an appointment with the dentist in the city and assume the dentist is the best professional to manage all dental health-related issues.

For patients that are diagnosed with periodontal disease, a dentist may recommend seeing a periodontist. These are dentists with an additional level of education, which is often three years, and who specializes in the management of gum health and in providing options to help to salvage bone loss in the jaws that cause tooth loss.

What is Referred?

A periodontist is often recommended when the patient has advanced bone loss, significant pockets in the gum or is at risk for tooth loss due to periodontal disease. In some cases, if the treatment methods used by the dentist are not providing the desired results, the referral may also be made to proactively address issues that are atypical in the management of periodontal disease.

While periodontal disease cannot be cured or eliminated by treatment, it can be effectively managed. The use of antibiotics, quarterly trips to the dentist, deep cleaning and increased home hygiene practices can reduce pockets in the gum and help to restore the gums to their healthy condition.

For significant bone loss that may or may not have led to tooth loss, a periodontist can also provide bone graphs. This allows small pieces of healthy bone to be implanted in the jaw, building a foundation that holds the teeth in place and prevents tooth loss.

Almost half of all adults in the USA have some degree of periodontal disease. If you are concerned about your dental health, talk to an Oak Brook, IL, dentist today.

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