Which Napkin Fabric Will Work Best for Your Event?

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Shopping & Fashion

Every detail counts when you are trying to create a special event. This includes choosing the right colors and fabric for table linens. One of the first things that guests to any type of formal or celebratory dinner will see and touch will be the napkins.

The Napkin Fold or Placement

There are many exceptional fabrics to choose from for napkins for special events and dinners. Lamour satin is a very popular option offering a shimming look and sheen that is elegant and sophisticated. These napkins are ideal for soft folds or basic flat napkin placement such as rolls or pocket or loose folds.

Satin and pintuck are both very soft fabrics that do not hold up to folds. They do work well with rolls and napkin rings. For a very rigid fabric that can go into many folds, polyester is an excellent choice.

In between these extremes is the practical linen napkin. Linen is a soft but absorbent material that can be knotted, folded, rolled, or creatively folded into a pocket. Choosing a soft color, such as sage linen napkins, brings a warm and welcoming look to any event.

Green Wedding Themes

The choice of green for wedding colors is very popular throughout the year. Lighter colors found in sage linen napkins are ideal for summer outdoor or year-round indoor events. Sage is a perfect match for an off-white or cream dinner setting and tablecloth, but it also looks lovely with white.

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