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Before getting into why personal injury protection on car insurance is so important first, it’s crucial to understand what this type of protection is. Essentially, this part of your policy will offer work loss coverage and medical expense coverage for you and any passengers involved in a car accident, no matter whose fault the accident was. Car insurance with personal injury protection is required in some states, but useful even in areas where it may not be mandatory to have.

What Personal Injury Protection Covers

The actual expenses covered by this part of your car insurance varies based on where you are located, so someone in Miami might have different covered expenses than someone in California. However, some of the most common expenses that are covered include the following:

  • Hospital visits and stays
  • Needed ongoing care
  • Operations and other procedures
  • Accidental death benefits and funeral expenses
  • Lost wages when you aren’t able to work
  • Care expenses like house cleaning or childcare when unable to fulfill these on your own

For those in Miami, Florida, your coverage typically includes up to 60% of your lost wages and 80% of your medical bills up to $10,000. However, for those outside of Florida, these amounts and coverage options will vary and could be lower or higher.

Mandatory Personal Injury Protection

Car insurance with personal injury protection is mandatory in some states, including Utah, Florida, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Kansas, North Dakota, Kentucky, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Michigan, and Minnesota. In other states, it is not required but can still be an excellent option. That is because even if you cause an accident, you and your passengers have some protection regarding lost wages and medical bills. Without this coverage, those bills can be high ,and there may be no way to recoup them other than from your savings.

If you often drive with others in your care who could choose to hold you responsible for medical expenses, this insurance is crucial. The same might apply if you have no health insurance or health insurance that is not optimal.

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