Three Signs You Need Dryer Repair in Thousand Oaks

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Appliances Service

Have you ever opened the dryer expecting to find dry, warm clothes only to realize they are still wet? This is usually the first sign you need dryer repair in Thousand Oaks. Getting repairs can often save you from the expense of purchasing a brand new dryer. Here are three signs it’s time to call the repairman.

Odd Noises Emerging from the Laundry Area

A well-functioning appliance may make some noises, especially if you put an item in with a metal zipper. However, sometimes odd noises come from the dryer. If you hear a loud thumping sound while it’s running, it’s most likely a loose belt. You don’t have to wait until the belt breaks to call for dryer repair in Thousand Oaks. A repairman can tighten the belt easily enough and save you time and frustration.

It Runs, But It Doesn’t Spin

If you turn the appliance on and hear it running, but it isn’t spinning, it’s time for repairs. This doesn’t indicate the whole machine is broken. Usually, it’s a rather simple fix. A repairman can reattach the belt so it turns the tub as needed.

Takes Too Long to Dry Clothes

You are pretty sure it only takes 35 or 40 minutes to completely dry a load, but now it’s taking twice as long. It may not mean the appliance is broken entirely. A technician can usually fix the problem relatively easily. It may be a broken sensor, broken belt or an electrical problem. These problems are easily remedied by a technician who does dryer repair in Thousand Oaks.

Is your dryer not working properly or exhibiting any of these three problems? Visit the DG Appliance Service website to speak with a representative about dryer repair in Thousand Oaks.

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