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You may or not know someone that’s going to be in jail soon. Maybe you know someone that’s already in jail, or you’re the one that’s going to be in jail. Regardless, there are ways that you get through a bail bond to make your situation better. With that being said, here are three things that you need to know about bail bonding in Mansfield, TX:

1. The Types of Bail Bonds

The most common forms of bail bonds include cash bonds and surety bonds. If you’re going with a cash bond, this means that you’re going to pay the full bond in cash. In some cases, this can end up being more costly than a surety bond because of the fact that you have to pay it in full. When it comes to the surety bond, this type is usually set for more serious crimes like felonies. Surety bonds are typically much higher than cash ones and usually, involve a third party like a bondsman.

2. How Do They Work?

If you’re dealing with a bail bond that involves a big amount of cash or surety, you’re going to need a bondsman to get through things. This is going to help you with the remaining balance once you get past posting a fee, which is typically 10 percent of the entire bail amount. The bail bondsman is going to write an agreement that ensures you’re going to be present at any future court dates. This usually includes collateral to their company in exchange for your freedom.

3. What Can Be Used as Collateral?

This depends on the company that you’re working with. But in most cases, anything that is an asset to you or worth a lot of money is going to be acceptable. This includes things like cars, real estate, jewelry, and credit cards. Talk with your professional for bail bonding in Mansfield, TX, to get more information.

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