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Even when you hire the best team driving company, you’ll need to make sure your trailers are loaded properly. A poorly loaded trailer can get the drivers in trouble on the road as well as leading to the damage of your cargo. These tips can be passed along to your loaders to ensure they’re doing everything they can to protect your products en route to their destination.

Start With the Heaviest Cargo

If all of your cargo weighs the same, you won’t have to worry about the order in which it’s loaded onto the trailer. However, if there are weight differences, the heaviest cargo should be loaded first to keep it closest to the cab of the truck. Lighter cargo should be loaded last.

Stagger the Load

It’s very unlikely that the cargo will take up the entire width of the trailer. In using pallets for your cargo, two standard-sized pallets can fit side by side and should be loaded so they sit closely together. The first two should be set flush against the right wall and the second two pallets should be set against the left wall. Continue staggering the pallets in this way until everything has been loaded.

Secure the Load

When you hire the best team driving company in your area, ask them if they use their own straps and load bars. If so, you can use their equipment to secure the load. Otherwise, you should supply the equipment needed to secure your cargo. This will help protect the cargo from shifting or tipping on the road.

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