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Everyone knows that marketing plays a major role in how well a product sells. When it comes to marketing strategies, there are very few that beat whiteboard animation. Animation marketing is effective because it holds the potential customer’s attention longer than a standard sales pitch. These marketing animations also deliver concise information about a business or product for every audience.

At The Draw Company, animation marketing is their specialty. This close-knit group of animators in Cottonwood Heights, Utah focuses on creating quality and affordable whiteboard videos using a simple creative process. Every project starts with a briefing and scripting. After that, they work on the voice over and storyboarding. Finally, they edit the animation and deliver the finished project.

Compared to standard marketing formats, whiteboard animation videos have a 92% retention rate, which is up to 30% higher than other strategies. Their anticipation strategy works for larger and smaller businesses.

On their website, business name has numerous examples of their work so customers get an idea of how their project will turn out. They also offer a questionnaire that gives potential customers a free quote as well as some insight on strategies used for big-name companies.

If you’re interested in learning more about their services, reading customer testimonies, or watching some sample videos, be sure to check out their website. You can also familiarize yourself with their amazing animation staff. When you’re ready to attract clients with a quality whiteboard animation video, visit us.