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Back pain is the single most common cause of missed time at work across the nation, and Orange Park, FL is no exception to the rule. Back pain can affect anyone of any age, and you don’t need to be in a “physical” occupation to suffer from it. Simply sitting for too long with the wrong posture can cause long-lasting consequences, even force you to visit a back doctor. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid back injuries and the subsequent pain. Here are four tips to help keep you safe and healthy.

1. Use Proper Lifting Techniques

The single most common cause of back injuries in America is lifting without the right technique. Too many people try to bend at the waist and lift with their arms. That is a fast route to a need to visit the back doctor. Instead, focus on proper lifting techniques. Bend at the knees, and lift with your legs, keeping your arms close to your body. If the load is particularly heavy or awkward, use team lifting techniques.

2. Exercise More

Another important tip for staving off back injuries is to get more exercise. That doesn’t necessarily mean going for a daily run, although there’s a lot to be gained from cardio workouts. Instead, you need to focus on building the muscles in your core and your back. You don’t necessarily need to start lifting weights, either. Something as simple as a game of basketball can work out your core and back muscles quite well.

3. Focus on the Right Posture

Most of us work in sedentary positions today – we’re at our desks for hours on end. We end up slouching, which puts pressure on our backs, eventually leading to pain and discomfort. Good posture will help prevent that pain. Sit up straight, with your back against the back of the chair. Keep your knees slightly higher than your hips when sitting, and your feet flat on the floor. Use an ergonomic office chair, and make sure that your computer monitor is lined up correctly with your eyeliner.

4. Lose Weight

Our final tip is one that people hear quite frequently, but it is no less important. If you are overweight, losing just a few pounds can help prevent back injuries and visits to the back doctor.

Use these tips to protect your life and health. In the meantime, if you are suffering from back pain, schedule an appointment with a back doctor at Injury Care Centers. Call 000-000-0008.