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Small businesses and startup companies are often faced with a lot of difficult choices. One such decision a new company needs to make very quickly is the type of web hosting service they wish to use.

Today, most businesses have an online presence. Their website may be the primary source of revenue, as in an E-commerce business, or it may be a secondary source of income or a way for information to be exchanged between customers and the company, the company and employees, and for general business communication.

The use of a web hosting company also extends to operating cloud-based applications, to data storage and even the types of programs, security features and software options your company can use. The most common hosting option for small businesses is VPS web hosting services.

What is VPS?

The term VPS web hosting services refer to a Virtual Private Server. This is a physical server located in a server center operated and maintained by the hosting company. This physical server is divided into sections, which operate as a stand-alone server.

This allows the owner of a VPS to have control over many aspects of the server, specifically those that are unique to that VPS. There are some common elements or functions of the server that are shared between the VPS, but CPU, RAM or data is completely private, and you control how and what is used.

The Advantages

The choice of VPS web hosting services over shared servers, where there may be hundreds of users sharing resources, is significant. With the virtualization of the server, your websites have guaranteed performance levels that cannot be impacted by anyone else on the server.

Additionally, there is enhanced security as you can control the application on all of the virtual programs and components, something that is not possible with the shared packages. Visit website domain for more details.