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When you are setting up a stage for a concert, theatrical production, awards ceremony or any other event, you may need some rigging. We offer both indoor and outdoor entertainment rigging Las Vegas NV. Our services include providing you with a consultation and site visit as well as a written estimate for the rigging setup.

We are a full-service firm, and we can do the design, setup, maintenance and removal of the rigging system. Our associates understand that you may have a tight schedule, and we aim to meet the requirements of your timeline. Whether you need rigging for special effects, fireworks, lights, sound or something else, we are the right choice.

Safety is our top priority, and we test and retest every part of the rigging in order to ensure its stability. Most outdoor rigging setups can withstand wind gusts in a typical thunderstorm. We do advise taking precautions if any severe weather advisories are issued for the area where the rigging is set up.

A rigging setup allows you to have a great concert or stage performance. We can do full-stage, side, back or any other type of rigging that you need. We welcome your management team to work with us and give us feedback as we do the setup. If you have any modifications as you test the rigging, just let us know at any time.

Save yourself the time and trouble by having us handle your entertainment rigging Las Vegas NV. Our professionals can create the setup that your event requires and do all of the equipment removal upon the conclusion of your event. Give us a call today for additional information or visit the website to get an estimate.