Best Mexican Foods Wholesale Tortillas in New Jersey

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Food

Running a restaurant or food truck is challenging and rewarding. The delighted smiles of happy customers enjoying your food brightens your day. What can take more stress off your shoulders and add more happiness is making Best Mexican Foods your destination for your Mexican food supplies. Start a fiesta with us and order our wholesale tortillas in New Jersey for your restaurant or food truck!

We are the largest wholesale distributor of Mexican food with the most experience in the industry in the Northeast area. We are the biggest distributor of Jarritos in New Jersey and the surrounding areas. With these credentials in mind, trust that we strive to deliver the highest quality Mexican foods to you!

While we have avocados, salsas, tamales, beans, and so much more in stock, we take pride in our extensive tortilla variety. We carry 65 varieties of wholesale tortillas for your convenience. A tortilla is the basis of not only Mexican foods such as tacos and fajitas, but they can also be the base of deli wraps. Choose from an array of sizes and flavors of flour tortillas for tacos and fajitas. Consider our spinach wraps, tomato wraps, or wheat wraps for the health enthusiasts that visit your restaurant or food truck. Order corn tortillas to make your best enchilada dish or tostadas for your customers!

A tortilla is only as good as its makers and distributors. Best Mexican Foods strives to keep your wholesale tortillas in New Jersey distributed safely and expeditiously right to the front step of your business. Visit us online to order now.

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